Worlds pro flat qualifying results just in!!

What a tough day, picture this, 37 riders, constant showers, so the contest stopped and started for what felt like all day, its currently raining in koln, hopefully their will be break in the clouds. Pro flat will take two hours with practise time to allow for. Pro flat qualifying was followed by am finals, and an epic Haro freestyle show, you had to be there!!! Electric atmopshere…

1 Martti Kuoppa [Finnland]
2 Matthias Dandois [Frankreich]
3 Susumu Morioka [Japan]
4 Matt Wilhelm [USA]
5 Dez Maarsen [Niederlande]
6= Tivadar Laszlo [Hungary]
6= Tomokazu Morinaga [Japan]
8 Adam Kun [hungary]
9 Raphael Chiquet
10 Jorge Gomez [Spanien]
11 Sinichi kiba [Japan]
12= Frank Lukas (De)
12= Aleksi Ritsilä [Finland]
14 michael Sommer [Österreich]
15 Waldemar Fatkin [Germany]
16 Andrew Cooper [USA]
17 Pakphum Poosa-Art [Thailand]
18 Michael Steingräber [Germany]
19 Sebastian Pospischil (De)
20 David Hoffman (De)
21 Gilles van de Sompel [Belgium]
22 Miguel Monzon Sangareau [Spain]
23 Camilo Gutierrez [Lima- Peru]
24 Martin Drazil [czech]
25 Daniel Fuhrmann [Deutschland]
26 Alex Jumelin [Frankreich]
27 Alexis Desolneux (Fra)
28 stephan fabien [France]
29 Kazuma Sako [Japan]
30 John Krämer [Deutschland]
31 Markus Reich [Deutschland]
32 Sascha Heydermann (De)
33 Hiroki Iwata [Japan]
34 Katsushi Tanaka [Japan]
35 Pawel Bobowik [Poland]
36 Steven Green [England]
37 Flo Sailer [Deutschland]

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