Yucchie and White vids at Ninja spin

Yucchie kills it, triple turbine backyard, and check that last combo!

Whitey reppin’ all the way to 9th place, go on son!

7 thoughts on “Yucchie and White vids at Ninja spin

  1. yuchhie is so sick on backwheel, flow and style for days, that triple backyard turbine is hard as.. and the last combo jeezzz…. and props to whitey for still banging the combos out, with nice beyonce wiggle on backpacker jugglers haha

  2. James White kills it… wherever he rides. Was that Trev battling with him at the end???!

    Ucchie’s is way too fluid on the back wheel!

  3. Yuchhie is beyond amazing triple backyard turbine jeez never seen anything like it ,is he related to Youhei and Yoshiki Uchino ?Prop to James White some serious bike control and bangin out the ” Landspeeder” nice job thoroughly enjoyed the riding.

  4. Shane.. yeah that was trev!! haha. Team UK im guessing..,trev confirm that?

    Yucchie is Youhei Uchino…

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