2012 JoMoPro Finals & Best Trick – Official Highlights Video

Flatland by it’s nature is a subjective sport/artform. There is a good argument to be said that it cannot be judged. We could talk about that for days, and indeed, quite a lot of the time we do. And to be honest it feels like we are bashing our heads against a brickwall. However, the vibe that comes across during the best trick contest, seems something fresh to the scene. Jim at flatstyle wrote a lil’ editorial on the matter, hit the link below for the juice.

Jim’s editorial:

44 thoughts on “2012 JoMoPro Finals & Best Trick – Official Highlights Video

  1. Great highlights edit!
    Viki’s steam pivot to xft halfpacker pivot to hitch, so smooth!
    Ucchie lacing that unbelievable back wheel line in his run!
    Hotoke and Ikeda’s incredible combos in best trick.

  2. @ Simon… Maybe check your facts before you spout off! It says finals and best trick the Quebec riders were in neither…

  3. If Hotoke’s combo was in best trick then I think he should have won. It was so sick and pretty original. Everybody’s riding was awesome.

    Where the hell was JFB in that edit? He’s dialled! He must have pulled something on camera!!!

  4. Still amazed that Ikeda can build an entire style out of a timemachine and still continue to find little bits and pieces of originality to compliment what he does already.

    Interesting to see that Moto has a brake now. He didn’t appear to use it but I wonder what lies around the corner for him! Pretty exciting stuff this contest!

    • Agree Hotoke’s combo from the highlights shown, should have won. So technically hard, and original too. It’s about time Ikeda did the time machine round to gerator without the safety net of laying the bike down, that makes that trick way harder. That was dope! The format is great for the riding/progression!

    • Roughly translated:

      THE Flatland every day it becomes more difficult to be judged, seems that they are all taking the same course, per signal a good direction, a development that fills us with the eyes of synchronies of talents. This week we will see and hear much talk about “JoMoPro-USA” “Jim Mckay” speaks a lot about isso.www.flatstylebmx.com-jomopro http://www.lisiastabarelli.blogspot.com FLATLAND WAY! BRAZIL.

  5. I could care less about all the judging controversy bull shit, all these guys are AMAZING!!! Huge respect!

  6. This was an aweome contest and I cant wait to see more footage hehe. And imo Hotoke should won best trick contest. Realy dont understand judging fromat?

  7. face it the guys who won hit their links more than anyone else and did it with panache.

    viki was smooth as hell but might not have come up with enough, wilhelm too. good seeing jesse’s crouching tiger.

    the level was incredible so props all around. you guys have a lot of heart and much for flatland

    i felt matthias was sandbagging and could level up for fise and voodoo.. he was more like a monkey hopping off the stage and 360 bars etc

    but you could tell from watching the highlights that takahiro was pumping his tricks hard, hotoke was pumping that fakie pedal 5

    it’s just that terry pulled that for the first time and it was as hard as any part of those other links in the best trick contest

    thanks for such a high caliber jam, footage and we all know there is more to come on this world circuit. everyone is bringing it

  8. not at all impressed by Matthias’ Riding from what I saw in that qualification video. I’m sorry but as far as level of riding he’s a shell of his former self (’07-’10) . he sacrificed half cab whips to peg wheelie’s for 180 bars. if he wants to no longer call himself a flatland rider he should just quit competing and stop using sandbag- former glory points and wow factor(of hop tricks) to get him good placings and give way for other riders to get exposure.

  9. at least im not the only one scratching my head wondering why hotoke didnt win, kinda reminds me of that ucchie/trevor meyer decision, couple of yrs ago

  10. Never mind if you agree with the outcome or not doing this kind of contest is badass we got riders pushing riders to bring out their bangers and to me that’s what we need! More please. I wish I could have been there I would have been stoked to enter.

  11. Bergarac is my new name Effraim get used to it , and its controversy all the time why lie , open your eyes people biching on judges yawn ,boring .

  12. Every other sod on here goes by a different name and they get away with it ,different rules for different fools and BERGARAC is mine ,have you actually seen some of these user names ?? haha and yes i was right jomopro resulted in CONTROVERSY yet again judges decisions,sore losers people riders bitching etc blah blah blah boring ,it always happens , and its a forum opinions differ we live in a democratic society do we not ??

  13. or we can just use our real names. I don’t mind doing that..it’s not like someone’s gunna judge my riding at a contest poorly because i said somethin about another months ago..

  14. they set it up so it was like a bunny hop contest – they kept raising the bar.. at one point it was hotoke who dominated then takahiro hit his hand crank link with crazy pump action but terry sat there silently watching and busted out his ace in the hole first try and left everyone in the dust

  15. You have to understand is that best trick was done like a battle. 3 judges would hold up a flag when they felt a rider landed best trick. Hotoke landed his link early on. This may or may not have had an influence. Terry was last and was trying it over and over early on. I think this all led to they hyper at end. What you don’t see is the judges raised flag after Terry landed it. It was immediate judging. Not always going to be perfect.

  16. “they set it up so it was like a bunny hop contest – they kept raising the bar.. at one point it was hotoke who dominated then takahiro hit his hand crank link with crazy pump action but terry sat there silently watching and busted out his ace in the hole first try and left everyone in the dust”

    Sorry but once he landed on the pedals with both tires on the ground, he started another link..

  17. Just watch the footage and be happy for the winners. They obviously have skill so just just enjoy their talent. otherwise it makes you look dumb

  18. on a final note, I just speak for myself. I have a tendency to get butthurt and would probably be so if i go incorrectly ranked..even habitually..

  19. Judging is hard man. I do it a lot and nearly always regret something.

    I was just asking where they were at, but I did use the word ‘hell’, which was not a good way to ask I admit!

    I’m sorry man!

  20. Post under your real names though people. Have some balls to go with your words. It’s not thecomeup!

    You can’t do anything constructive anonymously and if you’re in BMX you’re not impartial. You have to be outside of it and unconnected to it completely to be impartial.


  21. Jomopro looks like so much fun ! anyone got any footage of the pro warm up/ pro finals warm up? not meaning to piss anyone off but i prefer the practice when more than one rider is busting out.

  22. Great coverage Jim; great riding, great filming/cut from all! Everything very well done. BIG thanX from those of us that could not make it!

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