Barre Neirynck: The Escape Room 2023

Fire new edit from Barre Neirynck, full of front and back wheel flow, particularly the turbine whiplash line, the line at 00:58 stood out to me!
Hell yes Barre!

8 thoughts on “Barre Neirynck: The Escape Room 2023

  1. So many details …….spinning the one handed hang ten forever . Then keeping the line going . ( really loved that ! ) Multiple whiplashes BOTH ways , with turbines and push throughs to keep momentum . Silk-smooth spinning hitchhikers and Karls , mid-line . The long line lacing half / side / back packer juggles , even pivoting out to X-leg hitchhiker . The boomerang to immediate catch /pop to rocket , to decade . Downside multiple whiplashes …….Barre got it SLLLLAAAMMED for this new edit and I’ve watched this edit at least 5 times , ha. The first song , dreamy and graceful . Exactly like his riding. I was waiting for this and man was it worth the wait . Even the subtle way of how Barre pumps , spins his steams regular handed . All these details within his riding along with the way he flows around his bike makes his riding so good to take in . Along with that he’s a spiritual / positive dude , also……great pick to post , Effraim…..

    • Hey Rodney,

      Hope all is good your side of the globe?
      Thanks again for you positive words, means a lot.
      In our previous conversation you asked me to film a new flatmatters exclusive, so That was my motivation to make a new edit. so thx for that.

      peace and love brother.

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