Episode 21: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Joe Cicman

Welcome back, it’s that time of the week where I introduce the latest exclusive for the FM series. And today, we have a nice treat from Joe Cicman!
Joe as many of you will know is quite the flatland joke artist, meme creator, and generally busts everyone’s balls all things related to flatland.
It’s often quite easy for me to forget how good of a rider Joe is, and he steps up for today’s exclusive with a move I think he calls a “Fajita Whip”. Joe can correct me and I am sure he will if this is wrong.

Fanks Joe, for stepping up for the 21st episode.

Who’s got the 22nd clip?

17 thoughts on “Episode 21: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Joe Cicman

  1. Talk about flatlands EVOLUTION………….I remember using grip tape , anything for traction on my top tube …..for boomerangs , Randy Tischman style ones , waaaaaaaay back I Fall of 1987…….fast forward to 2020 …TODAY …….I would have NEVER even imagined back then that that same grip tape , someone would be using it on their FORKS for NO handed ROLLING rebates , other ROLLING variations ! Stuff like this is why Ive referred to Joe , his riding ….like his TERRA DOOM line , and other signature variations as 2027 flatland riding , haha. Its really funny to me how Joe , his humor is a mere smoke screen to just how skilled he is on his bike ! Effraim is SPOT ON about THAT , TIMES 7 ! Ive watched this exclusive , STOKED , just smiling / thinking to myself how much I admire , love watching MENTAL all ROLLING links , like Michelle Maiolani , Stephen Hearn , Sebastien Grubinger , Alexis Desolneaux , Phil Brunet , Kotaro Arai , and JEFE Cicman , himself !! Being a 99.9999999% SCUFFER in my own combos …..ALL ROLLING style lines impress the hell outta me !! FANKS , Joe !! This line of yours SLLLLLAAAAAAAMMMMED down in your Terra Dome sesh spot…….REALLY got me amped to sesh today , bruv……..and AGAIN ….love your riding style ..NEVER change it . Hell bruv , I can barely roll rebates HOLDING the bars , hahaha. It seriously took me SEVEN months in 1991 , summer , just to HALF lash to a basic steam roller, also …..hahahaha……

  2. Great sarcasm Joe, l like it. Seems you’ve been wearin gloves before this situation, you pioneer you.

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