Experience by ivanchaplygin

Today might be the best day of the year so far for edits as we come to end of January. Grab a cuppa and enjoy this sweet edit edited by ivanchaplygin out of Russia. Featuring Danila Bezushko, Eugeny Neretin, Eugeny Zalessky, Artem Savichev, Ivan Chaplygin, Kostya Gurev, Alexandr Apukhtin, Niyaz Zaripov, Konstantin Chernov, Oleg Efimov, Arnold Walter. What a great scene edit!

7 thoughts on “Experience by ivanchaplygin

  1. These guys ALL rip hard , FURIOUS styles / riding !! Looks to be an awesome scene where some of the BEST bands comes from ……….Abstract Spirit , My Autumn , etc ! AGREED with Lachlan , lots of jump whips !! LOVING that ! KEEP SHREDDING on your bikes Russia !!

  2. Awesome video! Great riding, filming, editing and music! Stoked to see a scene/crew edit where all the riders have their own part! This is really fresh! More of this please

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