Flatland Manifesto #1 2001

The archive keep coming, another great blast from the past today that many of you might have seen but need to. Shane Neville did an amazing job with Flatland Manifesto, issue 1 has great coverage from the La Revolution contest in Toronto, Houston Texas scene repo, Art Thomason, How to pinky squeak with Cory Stratychuk, and a amazing Anaheim B3 contest edit: look out for the xft hitch backwards backpacker line from Martti Kuoppa at 32:34 mark that just keeps going. 16 years later this still rules!

2 thoughts on “Flatland Manifesto #1 2001

  1. Great memories of playing the Manifesto series in my shop every day from watching this! I remember always being impressed by that guy Matt Wright’s riding; his few clips from the La Rev pro section always stood out to me as original at the time. Between KHELagger and Claybom’s posts recently, I’ve almost gotten my whole VHS collection of flat vids in digital now! =)

  2. Can’t put into words how awesome it is to see someone captured at least a glimpse of what Chris Day was doing on his bike! I used to watch him in awe at the spot, or wherever else I got to see him get to it. I don’t think contests were a good representation of what he was doing, he was sooo creative and his tricks were uber hard. I love riders, artists, musicians, etc. who don’t shy away from the difficult or let how demanding something is compromise their art or vision. I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves for all of the innovation he was responsible for. Just my two cents!!!

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