5 thoughts on “Keiryo & Ryusei – Bros & Co

  1. That’s just great to see. Nice riding by all the young guns.
    There’s nothing like the feeling of being young and having time on your side. Now a days, I not only have to fight to pull off a once mastered trick, but also a body that feels freakishly stiff like an old elastic especially the day after riding.

    • A lot of work being done with flatland schools for a long time Lee by the likes of York Uno and the first generation of Pros there, Kotaro also springs to mind. And within the last few years thats started to pay off, I think the fact these kids can see a structure, theres events all the time, they have a big dream to work towards, i.e flat ark. All the pieces are there.

  2. I love the state of bmx riding, at the moment! People using what they find and having fun. Smooth, bumpy, transitions, vert, old, mid, new,etc. Riders (big and little) blurring bounderies and expressing themselves. If these guys are the future, it’s gonna be something to see!

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