16 thoughts on “Lincoln Harbeger – DVD 001

  1. Lincoln is one of my Good buddies. He stays impressing me. So innovated and has his own style. For a dude that’s as least 6ft 3″ he is crazy.

  2. Thanks guys. Psyched on your likes!
    This is my part from Rob’s biohazard dvd that he just finished. Let me know if anybody wants a copy. Not a ton of flatland in it but lots of great bmx from Baltimore. Lee, yeah I grew up there riding with the you know whos. Live in Baltimore now.

  3. I forget when and where it was that I first met and got to see Lincoln ride, but anytime I see him at a contest since I get excited. Unique and difficult riding executed with a ton of bike control!

  4. Great combos and original style. I see some Dane Beardsley in there. Great riding and nice long part!

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