Lookback: June 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

Summer time is here in June, often one of the best months of the year for content, quality edits and plenty of contests going down down across the globe. Take a check back on what went down this year….

There aren’t enough scene edits anymore, so today I was stoked to find in my inbox this awesome Texas Scene edit entitled “We are” featuring just about everybody who makes up the Texas Flatland scene from Art Thomason to Ruben Castillo to John Yull, this is a good watch! A good way to get June started!

Viki Gomez’s first session of June, throwing down signature move after signature move in Luxembourg! Look out in particular for the first combo and the last one at 2:14. Pure freestyle from one of the best, don’t miss this!

Great job by Manuel Bernardo to get a quality edit so fast after Flatland finals at the Ruhr Games! Hit play to check this one out!

I’m sure I say the same thing every time with Kensuke Hamai’s edits, but he does destroy the back wheel! So much tech right here, give this one a watch!

John Yull is inspiration to us all, a brakeless backwards decade is no joke and up until today has never been seen. Here is what John had to say:
“When I started riding again in 2009 after quitting for around 15 years this was the first trick that I thought of that I wanted to re learn but brakeless. I quickly learned that it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Getting to a position where I could footjam seemed impossible. When I designed my frame I did it around this trick & the smith jam was practice for this trick. I was beginning to think it would never happen but I continued to chip away at it piece by piece. The last few weeks I’ve pushed hard & taken several slams that should have made me stop but I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. So here it is!!! Push yourself and don’t give up!!!”

Viki Gomez came out swinging in the first two rounds of the World Circuit taking the win in Switzerland and Barcelona.
Check the repo from the event: https://www.flatmattersonline.com/repo-extreme-barcelona-2

Sietse Van Berkel kills the front wheel in this Welcome to Junglerider edit, so much style! Look out for the rocket hang 5 step over inside xft steam combo at 1:16, and the last combo at 2:05! Hell yes Sietse!!

It has been a while since I saw any new footage of Erin Fricke (Donato), really stoked to see this new 2015 flatland edit put together at an undisclosed location in New Jersey by Louis Orth with additional filming by Chris Fricke. Erin is legendary in the flatland scene, so much skill, show her some love! This edit is definitely worth a watch!

Such a good day for edits, this new Albigeoisie edit with Thomas Noyer and Jean William Prevost aka Dub really struck a chord with me. Two friends at the top of their game from opposite sides of the globe, document their session filmed in one and half hours in Thomas’ hometown, Albi in the Midi-Pyréné region of France. This edit for me is what flatland is all about, I’ll leave this trick listings out of this, you need to watch the whole edit! I took a lot from this, and maybe you will too!

Definitely spoilt for edits right now, so much good stuff already this week! Today another treat from Ares Bykes/Brakeless Distribution rider Quentin Pelorson! As the title says, no steamrollers and Quentin does it well! Look out for the inside half packer kick flip he dropped last year mid combo at 3:18 with his signature karl step into inside half packer, as well as the ender is a nice xft spinning half packer also mid combo! Definitely don’t miss this one!

Nice concept to this edit, Naoto and Masato met each other 1995, and became childhood friends. They knew each other before started BMX, now they are working together as BMX Riders in Abudhabi. Naoto is going to leave soon, back to Japan. This is the last film together riding in Abudhabi. As we all know Naoto kills the back wheel, and Masato has liquid flow on the front, this is a good watch for sure!

Three minutes of great rolling footage of the 2014 Amateur World Champion, Michele Maiolani doing his thing in Parcheggio, Italy! If you remember his riding or don’t know his name, get familiar! One of the best in the rolling game for sure, last year he dropped a bar grab one handed pedal 5 in his run in Koln, and one up’s it here for the ender at 2:50 plus a ton more! Featured at the top of the site for the day, hell yeah Michele! Absolutely amazing!

NBD? I’m not sure, I do hear from various sources that Ross Smith did a clean backwards double decade at a Chicago Bicycle Stunt contest at Scrap during a jam session (anyone have any footage?) What I do know is that some tricks stand the test of time, in 2015 the double backwards decade is still incredible and for the most part untouched! Much respect to Shinichiro Hara for getting this done, not to mention the backwards g-turn entry!

During my trip to Barcelona I was lucky enough to go riding with Jean William Prevost, Jason Plourde and James McGraw and witness Dub hit this Rodeo that he worked on for the last three years! One of the best moments I think I’ve witnessed in a long time, just pure genuine joy!
Dub gave some insight: “Currently injured at the knee I have to put the bike aside for some time, but here is a trick I’ve been working on for the longest time. It took me three years to finally get to the other side of the bike witthout scuffing or braking , just pure pivots and turbines switch footed on the peg and on the pedal. It might look easy but the complexity of this trick is quasi unfathomable.”
Whilst I don’t normally give out the “Must Watch” tag for one trick, this fully deserves it! Get well soon Dub!


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