Must Watch: Benjamin Hudson / It’s Ok Part 1

Benjamin Hudson has been been off the grid for a while now. One of the best styles in the flatland game, and today that changes and we have a short but very sweet “It’s ok” part 1 to get you motivated for your winter session. The standout for me is the switch foot pedal 5 line where he crosses over to the other side around the 1:05 mark. Thank you Benjamin and IGI for this treat!!

6 thoughts on “Must Watch: Benjamin Hudson / It’s Ok Part 1

  1. Steezy. So cool, this along with the movie he just dropped. Skills to back up bold stetements. Still one of the best in the game even on the DL.

    • Its a documentary about bmx in Chile kind of theough benjamin’s eyes. You can get to it through IGI facebook, I dont know if it has English subtitles.

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