Must Watch: Dane Beardsley / About Time

Dane Beardsley just hit the ball out the park with one of the best edits of the year.
There is so much depth in Dane’s riding, front and back wheel creativity with sweet intricate rideouts to add more of Dane’s own flavour, not to mention some wild street/skatepark clips.

Happy birthday Dane.

There’s so much to talk about, lets discuss this one….

18 thoughts on “Must Watch: Dane Beardsley / About Time

  1. Sooooo gooooood, original and refreshing ! Thanks Dane for bringing your magic to us ! Could be cool to have you on contest scene too !

  2. Dane is in a class of his own. He has a unique skill set and makes connections the rest of us don’t see. He flows with a sense of normalcy yet when you look at each move, they are ridiculously technical and difficult. Flatland needs more people like Dane.

  3. Pure Wizardry

    Who else does unbelievably difficult, creative tricks with both wheels on the ground? That’s a class all by itself, but so much mind-bending stuff in here.

    Last clip was nuts.

  4. Dane makes the impossible…possible! Some of those moves are off the charts from a difficulty perspective and yet Dane makes them look easy! Always enjoy your riding! Had to watch this clip several times just to take in all the magic. Amazing!

  5. Now that’s worth watching several times! It’s been years since I’ve seen an edit that made me want to ride! Feeling like a kid again right now

  6. That man’s style is chiller than properly refrigerated potato salad and far more appealing to the masses than potato salad. Elite skill set on the bike. We used to have to pay to see this stuff in videos! Damn. Thanks Dane and everyone involved in this project.

  7. Dude that second link! Like every single part from beginning to end is hard. So good. True BMX guru level. Riding everything. This could be in a baco video. Kevin Jones style comes to mind but even new riders like Bonnecuile, Hudson, Nekolny! Gomez come to mind.

  8. Timeless riding, feels like I watch a Props video from back in the days. Such a good creative way of riding.
    Congrats Dane!! Brings a smile on my face seeing this one, over and over again. Keep doing YOU!!

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