Must Watch: Matsudo Year End Edit 2019

Three days into 2020 and already a Must Watch! Jimalog’s Matsudo Year end jam edits are almost reserved for the Must watch tag, don’t miss this. Jimalog’s edit never disappoint, theres a couple of moments are literally screamed WTF this morning on my first watch and want to highlight these moments.

1:01: Shigary Salary. One handed Seat grab hang ten body varial/jump to one kick elephant glide to right sided halfpacker whip to left side halfpacker pivot out.

1:25: Akihiko Takahashi. Everything Akihiko does is beast, but loved the backwards xft hitch jump regular backwards hitch bar flip out.

3:05: Hidenori Ishizaki. On the front wheel, and slaying a exit move Cory Fester is infamous for. Hidenori mixes it up slightly, starting with xft hitch pivot to backwards backpacker to right sided backwards hafpoacker and bar scoots to backwards Karl (opposite side from Cory).

3:26: Yu Shoji. One of the moves of the edit without a doubt, the first switch I haven’t seen before. Opposite switch foot hang 5 dumped into right side xft halfpacker!

3:59: Takahiro Enoki. Saving the hottest moves till last, Jimalog know how to build an edit. Takahiro drops a bomb right here, inside switch b pivot two footed one handed cream regular stance body varial/jump to backwards two footed dump! pivot switch foot ice cream, the scream at the end is so good! This is flatland!

What a great end to an amazing edit, many of us dream of going to ride at that Matsdo spot one day. Seems magical, always great vibes and banging tricks coming out of the locals there. What a start to 2020!

30 thoughts on “Must Watch: Matsudo Year End Edit 2019

  1. One of the greatest tracks ever for one of the greatest anime ever made, worked so well with this edit, amazing work as always from these guys.

      • [Akira] it’s a cult classic made in the 80’s and is still relevant to this day. It also has an amazing soundtrack which has been used by street riders from japan who rep for animal bikes, it was great to see flatland use the same soundtrack as well.

  2. Crazy, young, full of adrenaline, enthusiastic & dedicated. Not saying a’thin bout the youngins in a negative way, at all, we were all their once, but do you think this level we’ve been received well back in the day?? They keep me sharp & wanting to go out & ride, right now! Perhaps it would’ve, but not 4 the masses, l don’t think. Time will tell, l guess. Can tell you now, many aspiring, but not really, youngins l came across, l don’t take any offence to em, let em be kids, hey.

  3. Straight up HAMMERS, with a HIGH levels of DIFFICULTY ….link after link after link ! FLOORED by all their riding . This edit was a lil TOO much CRAZYNESS , combo wise …and THATS a GREAT thing ! Its like a bunch of elite pro street riders doing their ENDERS for their video parts…… a CASUAL jam edit !! Hahahaha , yup , Tristan IS spot -ON . THIS edit WILL make ya wanna jump on your bike , A.S.A.P. , bruuuuuuv , I gotta get back to this one , and RE-RE watch it , taking in EVERY single detail that Effraim described . Maaaaaaaaan……..WHAT a MUST WATCH edit to START 2020 , its ALREADY a contender for NEXT years awards , haha, to me anyway………….

  4. That was crazy.As always jimalog delivers awesome edits capturing the scene in Japan…it looks like cross footed hitch pivot to backwards backpacker is very popular lately!!That ender tho….

    • I don’t know. The last time I saw JR he didn’t bring his bike, but he complained about the surface all day. He is riding though, a local bike shop owner told me the other day that JR rides. Ask him.

    • So did I, but then you’re wondering about younguns and how it would have been received BITD. I can tell you that it would have blown people’s minds, but they would have wondered how people could do it with light bikes, two piece bars and no brakes. Saying that though, it’s not all positive because they would wonder why everyone has nearly the same style – so I do get your point. There was a lot more diversity BITD.

  5. Well I’m not trying to fight you or anyone, but good to hear JR’s riding.And just so you know, thinking about any riders not something l do 24/7 , but I’m sure you know that. I’m positive more than you realise. What’s ridiculous is I’m opinionated like anyone; then when l am, it’s misunderstood, so damned if l do, damned if l don’t but ain’t upset about it. Good to hear from you.

  6. Chris, I know you were one of the best to do it flatland-wise in Melbourne and I’ve got a lot of respect for you. I know you in real life and I would tell anybody not to judge you from what you type online. Good to hear from you too! Glad you’re still out there and still into it all.

  7. It’s been my life, but it’s not everything, like it used to be, I’m just being honest. That’s life. I’m never totally going live down being called ‘Chris’ though, it seems, haha!.Thanks for the kind words; but modesty has always made it hard to hear words like this; and as mentioned, I never seeked praise, but aware of what l did,& still capable of.

  8. Paul, pls forgive me if l said anything untoward or hurtful.It’s this medium, which has & can be misconstrued.

  9. Yu Shoji’s x foot(opposite foot) inward hang 5, behind the back hand switch then step the hanging foot from inside to outside into double x footed with frame inside halfpacker!? WHAT WHAT WHAT!?!? Then pumps it to build momentum! All so tight, and so cleanly executed! DAAAAMMN! All really rad riding in this edit with a super chill afternoon in the park vibe, but I can’t stop re-watching Yu and Takahiro’s lines. Thank you so much to all involved in sharing this amazing riding and editing work. This is the dopest dope.

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