Must Watch – Matsudo Year End Jam 2018

2019 has begun with a bang, 4 days in and already two Must Watch edits to get you inspired! I am a big fan of the Jimalog edits, and this 2018 Matsudo Year End Jam edit filmed on 29th December at Matsudo, Hall 21 of Forest in Chiba,Japan hits the spot!

With an amazing list of riders, Akihiko Takahashi, Masashi Itani, Yu Shoji,Takuji Kasahara, Takumi Matsumoto, Moto Sasaki, Takahiro Ikeda,Yasunari Ishijima, Takahiro Enoki, Kazuma Nakajima, and Kenji Mori.

As with all Must Watch edits, let’s get into what’s so great about this one!

2:18: Takahiro Enoki, Xft carved hitch crazy pivot to backwards backpacker backwards whiplash out, I still rewind this one after three rewinds already. Timeless move!

2:37: Takahiro Ikeda, been waiting to see Takahiro do the pedal time machine walkover decade to one kick greater into a line without laying bike down and he gets it done here and finishes the line with a time machine variation I have never seen before. Unreal technique!

6:42: Takahiro Enoki, 6:42 and Takahiro hits a dream line of mine, opposite dump ride in, pivot xft upside down ice cream pivot backwards two footed dump pivot opposite xft cream! Just beautiful!

7:30: Moto Sasaki, what a mad line to finish a wonderful edit from Jimalog. Hang ten pivot to xft crackpacker turbines (hard enough) out to xft steam pivot jump to right side pumping halfpacker carved in circles into backwards pumping halfpacker in circles into backwards one footed spinning halfpacker step through to spinning hang ten out! Ridiculous!

As well as the amazing lines from everyone, this edit has a feel good factor about it. Friends together, riding, sharing, supporting. What a start to the year, big up Jimalog and all the riders for this treat! Award nominees announced later, it’s a good day!


13 thoughts on “Must Watch – Matsudo Year End Jam 2018

  1. Blown away years ago seeing the Japanese riders;& still am. And what naturally stands out, I think culturally is their natural affable nature. It’s so palpable that they love riding. Some links I haven’t seen before which’s always great to.

  2. Yeah, I could almost feel jealous, but in a good way. So, I’m just envious and work as hard on my riding as possible.

  3. So glad to see Akihiko Takahashi still riding. Used to watch all his youtube videos for hours! (might watch them all over again lol)

    Moto you freak! Awesome video!!

  4. Amazing stuff. Glad to see how hard that Moto trick at the end was. I still have trouble believing that backwards packer spin with the frame at that angle is possible, just look at how twisted his body is to pull that off!

  5. Unreal. This is BMX.

    Love how much positive energy is represented along side such mind blowing skill. I plan to watch this weekly.

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