The first Must Watch edit of 2022, and it’s no surprise it comes from Jimalog’s latest!
What it must be like to be blessed with what certainly looks like one of the best flatland scenes in the world, great riding spot, variety of tricks on show, riders supporting each other, the list goes on. Whatever you like, it’s here!

Great riding from Akihiko Takahashi, Masashi Itani, Yu Shoji (don’t miss his clips!),
Takahiro Ikeda, Shuichi Osada, Kazuma Nakajima, Takuji Kasahara, Nariaki Kudo,
Hidenori Ishizaki, Takahiro Enoki, Shinichiro Hara and Hiroya Matsumoto.

Yu Shoji’s clips stand out in this one, not to mention it is so good to see some fresh Shuichi Osada footage!

My day is made!

8 thoughts on “Must Watch: MATSUDO YEAR END JAM 2021

  1. This is pure fire!! If anyone else is down with Shinichiro Hara’s riding, Google or YouTube search Shinichiro Hara ikari-ryu 2021. Thats got to be one of my many fav links from last year. Despite being a breakless rider myself, I love seeing breaks used to create butter smooth tech flow. I’m subscribed to the man’s YouTube channel, it’s well worth checking it out.

    • Totally agree , BZ ! I’ve also been a fan since 2002 . His crazy around the world -pedal single kick , squeaker , 360 bar twitch , palm rotating the grips / brake antics …..are too damn good ! He’s always been an obvious stand out @ K.O.G.s. and the Japanese scene . His wild ass facing BACKWARDS whiplash , fire haul turbine is mental as well . You speak TRUTH , my man ! He OWN decades facing BACKWARDS , too ……thank you for this reminder , BZ ! Speaking of reminder………how bout that 2022 EXCLUSIVE from ya ……I hope soon , man …….

  2. First off…….HUGE thanks to Jimalog for yet another super SLLLAMMMMED edit ,capturing lots of different riding styles . Every single rider brings so damn much creativity , originality and crazy difficult lines / tricks ! Effraim , ya REALLY know how to pick em for this site . Thank you and it’s a pleasure watching this edit for the third time , MUST WATCH , TIMES 7 ..It’s really wild the level of lines everyone is busting out in this ” normal ” session . Just shows you the level of Flatland these days ! My ass is like really , really sick today . As you stated , Big-E …..this edit made my day ,also ….getting my sick ass up for a lil session , haha…Rad edits will have that effect on you . I still remember at the 2015 Flatland Voodoo Jam Pre-Jam….riding with all these Japanese riders and stopping for a sec to watch Yu . I was floored ! I mean the dude had DOUBLE decades exits outta combos, as a small detail of all the other things he was doing. I was trying to tell him with Masahi and Hiroki standing there to ” no matter what , Yu . NEVER ever quit riding ! Just THINK about how much greater you’ll be in the future ! ” His english was limited , but he understood me , haha……….now look at him ! X-Leg jack hammers and cross hand / foot steam jumps to time machines…….in a ” normal ” session , haha ! Akihiko , Hidenori …..EVERYONE just kills this edit with their riding and this is only the beginning of 2022………yikes…..

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