Must Watch: Sebastian Grubinger / Finale

I have mixed emotions after watching Sebastian Grubinger’s new “Finale” edit, you can of course talk about the unmatched level of his riding, but the fact he’s losing his riding spot…..
This edit really communicates the feeling of a flatlander losing his spot, many of us I am sure can relate.

I’m sure I will be talking about this edit at the end of the year, go watch it!

“Heldenplatz has been my second home since I moved to Vienna 2000. Unfortunately the spot will be reconstructed and from what we know it won’t be rideable anymore. It hurts.
I spent the past months filming my last clips there. Now it’s over. It’s time to move on. It’s alright.”


5 thoughts on “Must Watch: Sebastian Grubinger / Finale

  1. It’s sad that nothing lasts forever. Such an iconic spot with so much of the spirit of flatland’s blood and sweat soaked into that concrete. It’s a shame I was never able to ride there but more of a shame for everyone that rode there regularly. I hope a new and even better spot is found for all the riders losing that spot.

  2. My favourite Sebastian part to date! Such a cool mix of eras showing the legacy of an iconic spot and Sebastian’s evolution as a rider.

    It’s cool how spots kind of intertwine with someone’s riding so much that you associate their riding and progression with that background to an extent. This was a super cool time piece, I’m excited to see the next chapter.

  3. I had 3 spots where I thought I could ride there forever in the past 20+ years. I spent several years on each of them, basically every day. All of them were torn down. The pain and anger.. But then you are also happy that you made very good use of the spot, did not waste much time and come to accept the end. RIP and all my fingers crossed that you will find an even better spot, even if its hard to imagine right now. Although it wont be more iconic by itself, but only by pushing the craziest moves on it. Good luck!

  4. Sebastian is so sick. The thing I will remember the most about that spot is that gate, glad I had a chance to do some whiplashes there.

  5. Another edit I had to really analyze . Grubinger came through times 7 with these new lines . It’s crazy the things he’s doing with these X-leg , backwards facing manuals . Stepping down to immediate straddle ronis , stepping BACK into them from backwards back yard rolls , and his frame stance backwards manual , step down to double footed back yard , walk over to straddle roni…….all these lines and new concepts rule. His 180 body varial is insane ,also. ( can’t imagine how many slams he must of taken learning that because he’s rolling backwards and jumping blind .) I’m bummed he’s losing his riding spot . ( Loved the Flat T.V. video clips . ) However I’m stoked on these new lines from him. Shout out for using a classic Morbid Angel track ! I knew I recognized those guitar chords . Like Trey Azgathoth ( their guitarist. ) Sebastien is in a realm of his own in his craft . Love all Heresy BMX edits . Why ? The entire team always produces eccentric , signature riding , Metal genre songs or just rad, overall tunes in their edits.Their edits always have that ” Ells Bells” feel , editing and BMX vibe to them , too. Mad respect , Sebastian. This ruled.

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