Must Watch! Trickstars 2!

TrickStars2 from Trick Stars videos on Vimeo.

Another amazing video from the OG Marton archives. Trickstars 2! Pretty much all filmed in 1999, as well as that the year this video came out! Featuring the riding of OG Marton, Chad Degroot, Trevor Meyer, Jason Brown, Steve Mulder, yours truly, Day Smith, Andrew Faris, Phil Dolan, Alex Jumelin, Ulrich Kittel, Martti Kuoppa, Harold Schmidt, Pal Gyenes, Robert Voller, and many others.

7 thoughts on “Must Watch! Trickstars 2!

  1. met Ulrich kittel at southsea basketball court spot years ago, he was a super cool guy and sick rider , is he still riding?

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