Old School Sundays? – Level Vibes 2001

Matthew Dyer sent a couple of nice clips from Level Vibes 2001, featuring dope riding from the likes of Phil Dolan, Alex Jumelin, Mr Level Vibes himself James White, and more. Thanks for sending in Matthew. Whether this is Old School Sundays material i’m not so sure, but it is 11 years ago…Mid School perhaps?

17 thoughts on “Old School Sundays? – Level Vibes 2001

  1. man this takes me back! -my bruv and i got taken to this by zach(shaw) from what i remember the place was freezing, and my bruv brought his first bizhouse stem here- which he’s still using- good times.

  2. this is just random clips i had on an old hard drive – i still have the original hi8 camera tapes amongst much more to convert but think the heads are on the way out on the camera so pretty glitchy at the moment. i should have most peooles runs from that day so hopefully if i get it sorted then more old and mid school footage to come…
    and yes, it was bloody freezing that day. may have been warmer outside than in.

  3. I remember this like it was yesterday! I have the whole comp on VHS somewhere.
    My friend and I got our dads to take the overnight boat to Liverpool and drive down to London for the comp. Great memories!

  4. Yeah Lee, my friend won c-group, we were both riding for No Fear at the time. Well remembered!! Lol!
    Ripton gave him a Dragonfly Terra frame and Tex gave him a London Brixton sprocket.
    Was a great day. Never forget it.

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