Quest BMX – Enjoy It!

QuestBMX – Enjoy It. from Quest BMX on Vimeo.

Yesterday we published the trailer, today it is time for the full team edit, entitled “Enjoy It”. The Quest crew gave a nice description for this one!

“A quest can be defined as pursuing something difficult to attain. That joy you feel when you accomplish a long sought after goal makes the years, months, weeks, and days of hard work all worth it. As riders, this is why we ENJOY IT.
Enjoy It. is a project that was meant to not only showcase the 2016 team but also have fun. Filmed throughout the beginning of 2016 in the USA, Canada and France. Each team rider pushed themselves to put something new on video.
We hope the video gets you motivated to ride every time you watch it. Above all, we hope you ENJOY IT.”

Mannie Nogueira (Massachusetts, USA)
Steven Lapsley (New York, USA)
Danny Sirkin (Ohio, USA)
Jean-François Boulianne (Quebec, Canada)
Mark McGrade (Massachusetts, USA)
Gurvan Le Bloc’h (Bretagne, France)
Jérémy Brosset (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France)

7 thoughts on “Quest BMX – Enjoy It!

  1. Great job guys. It’s cool to see a team/group video. Don’t seem to be enough of those anymore.

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