Rebel jam Livefeed this weekend!

Everything kicks off today in Sunny Tossa de lmar with park qualifying at 12pm, flat finals begins at 6:30 tonight, and will run for approx 2 hours. 20 or so riders, so straight finals. The likes of Matthias Dandois, Thomas Noyer, Jean-Francois Boulianne, Jesse Puente, Jean Bulhon, Alberto Moya, Guelo, Dez Maarsen, Alexis Desolneux, and many others are here, so tune in and watch the BMX fiesta unfold!

19 thoughts on “Rebel jam Livefeed this weekend!

  1. Rebel Jam Qualifying Results:

    1- Matthias Dandois
    2- Dez Maarsen
    3- Jean Francois Boulianne
    4- Thomas Noyer
    5- Guelo Monzon
    6- Jesse Puente
    7- Didier Genet
    8- Kevin Nikulski
    9- Aleksi Ritsila
    10- Bert Ribul
    11- Alberto Moya
    12- Alexis Desolneux

    13- Miguel Tardio
    14- Camillo Guitterrez
    15- Varo Hernandez
    16- Jean Bulhon
    17- Alex Neijma
    18- Alvarito Fernadez
    19- Santi Notario

  2. Alexis Desolneux double backwards whiplash was dope ,Darryl Nau commentated ” people still can’t do forwards double whiplashes ” yeah ok rewind to 1988 Darryl , be nice to actually have commentators who have knowledge of flatland terminology and know how.

    The last Brit who had balls was Prince Harry

  3. hold on hold on live feeds on comps over and Dez is riding still , deduct some points from him for breaching the rulez init.

  4. so much good riding, must be hard to be judging 😉 me too really happy to see Alexis pull his super hard whiplash tricks !!

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