Shinichiro Hara – Backwards Double Decade

NBD? I’m not sure, I do hear from various sources that Ross Smith did a clean backwards double decade at a Chicago Bicycle Stunt contest at Scrap during a jam session (anyone have any footage?) What I do know is that some tricks stand the test of time, in 2015 the double backwards decade is still incredible and for the most part untouched! Much respect to Shinichiro Hara for getting this done, not to mention the backwards g-turn entry!

4 thoughts on “Shinichiro Hara – Backwards Double Decade

  1. so good to see
    i heard the ross stories too, from the most reliable source
    ive always thought it a shame there was bo documentation, thank you shinichiro fir making it happen!

  2. Hell yeah Shinichiro! This one definitely stands the test of time! Also, keep in mind that having a camera pre-2000 was rare, and filming was even more rare because the cameras were big, the battery’s had a very short life, and going through video tapes were a very tedious process. These 3 factors are why there is limited footage from the 90’s(as compared to today) I saw ross Smith and Dylan worsley both do double backwards decade. Chase did it in the early 90’s, and I am pretty sure OG Martin did it too. 🙂

  3. What?!?!?! Can’t imagine having the balls to try, no less pull it!!!! You are one of a kind and we are all the better for it. Love your stuff!

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