Best of One Love Bmx Jam 2017

Benedict Zartost is on fire with edits recently and today we have a nice treat to kick off our Sunday posts. Hit play for part 1 of the “Best of One Love Bmx Jam 2017” featuring Jim Cavanaugh, Sean Fontenot, Gabe Kadmiri, Andrew Wickham, Pat Fisher, Blake Hicks, Koit McIntire, Matthias Dandois, Ryan Russell, Lindsey La’akea Bode, Rich Slezak, and many more.

Blake Hicks – 20/2 Volume Three

20/2: VOLUME THREE VIDEO 1 from Swanson Studio on Vimeo.

You all recall the TROn videos Blake Hicks has previously posted. Check out this latest project and heres what he had to say:

“As far as I know its the first Flatland related video edit filmed in Ultra High Def 4k technology. We had to de res it to upload it to vimeo. We show cased it last night at a massive 400 person private corporation party where it came out just as crisp and clean on a 30 ft projector. The video was intended to be made as a art project for the new technology editing and video technology available these days to Swanson studios. The Tron bike concept idea was birthed out of the creation of me doing massive EDM music festivals that were hosted at night, but no one could really see all the details I was doing. So i created the tron system and had to custom make all my own battery packs and custom circuit boards to disturbed power and intensity to the light. Scents then I now have 2 twin bikes, one tron and one regular. Tron is simply for certain shows where it fits the environment and I ride regular bike for shows 50% of the time. But also cause of this Idea it has given me Flatland BMX as a full time career for the last 3 years, and has put me on stage with names such as Skrillex, David Guetta, Ludicrous, Pendulum, Armin van Burren & in multiple show cases of audiences up to 100,000. But I love geeking out on new ideas and technology and 100% love flatland till the day I die, so it made alot of sense to combine these two to just simply create… something different. Oh, and showcase, a slow motion “stubble-duck”. Enjoy!”