“Foundations of Style” BMX Podcast – Issue #4 (Our Machines)


This past few days I have been catching up on a full inbox of edits and news for the flatland world. Yesterday I posted Issue 3 in the “Foundations of Style” series today it is time for Issue 4!

Here’s what Pat Fisher had to say:

“Issue four of the “Foundations of Style” series examines the relationship between the bikes we ride and how we ride them. From the individual scale of how we limit ourselves by using products for only their advertised purpose, to the global scale of how wealth distribution determines what technology is utilized where, this analysis reveals the socioeconomic bias of BMX’s linear progress narrative and shows how it serves to actively marginalize alternative riding styles and those riders creating them.”

Hit the link below to listen to the podcast:


One Love Jam 2017

#OneLoveJam2017 from OneLoveBmx on Vimeo.

On the last day of january with winter locked in and throwing the worst at most of us, if you need a pick me up for the springtime, summertime to come here it is. Great soundtrack, filming and cut is all point here from Darin Wright over at One Love. Featuring Danny Gomes, Andrew Wickham, Ryan Russell, Lindsey La’akea Bode, Shayne Khajehnoori, Ron Monis, Matthias Dandois, Jody Temple, Bobby Carter, Pat Fisher, and Claude Hickman. Good vibes from Newport Beach, California. Come on springtime!

Best of One Love Bmx Jam 2017

Benedict Zartost is on fire with edits recently and today we have a nice treat to kick off our Sunday posts. Hit play for part 1 of the “Best of One Love Bmx Jam 2017” featuring Jim Cavanaugh, Sean Fontenot, Gabe Kadmiri, Andrew Wickham, Pat Fisher, Blake Hicks, Koit McIntire, Matthias Dandois, Ryan Russell, Lindsey La’akea Bode, Rich Slezak, and many more.