Episode 67: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with James McGraw


It’s Wednesday evening, and that means time for the next episode of the Flatmattersonline Exclusives! Thank you once again to everyone who was thrown down a clip to get this started up and flowing again.

Irina Sadovnik started things off a few weeks back, and ended her exclusive with screams of joy, and a rider that’s infamous for screaming after every line he pulls is none other than the man behind the AFA, James McGraw!

I must admit I turned down the volume to watch this the first time round, and James rivals Irina with the loudest scream so far, James comes through with a rad junkyard kick turbine line ending in a backwards spinning switch foot ice cream/mega spin whatever you care to call it at his freshly surfaced Tintadome riding spot in Monument, Colorado.

What I wasn’t expect was a cameo from Joe Cicman, the man is everywhere!

Thanks for contributing James, whose got episode 68 dropping Sunday…