Must Watch – James White / Stop the World

The man James White does it again, unless you have been living under a rock or something it’s hard not to notice James White’s riding on social media. He seems to be everywhere, and this new “Stop the World” edit featuring a classic Black Rock and Ron track hits hard like you would expect, yet retains a fun element and stoke factor. All these details plus mixing the riding to a great tune that describes what he is doing, and give you an uplifting feeling that makes you want to go and ride.
Ultimately this is what it is all about, I am still in awe of the bike control involved on the no-handed “still b” at the 1:52 mark and that ender I was waiting and the cut at the end!. Rather than list all the highlights, I think this edit is about the whole package that just left with a great feeling and immediately on the rewind for the whole video, brilliant work throughout.