Must Watch – Kio Hayakawa

Kio Hayakawa has been blowing up on instagram over the last year, and for good reason. Unique styles for days and the degree of difficulty of what he is doing is off the chart.

Kio dropped this edit a few days ago, and I was in full One Love jam mode and not able to spend enough time watching the edit and taking in what he is doing.

This morning I got the chance to take it what he is doing and this guy is next level and a name to keep an eye for sure and deservedly got nominated for Breakthrough Rider of the Year.

The opening line at 00:17 with the quick blender jump to two footed upside down ice cream without touching the tyre is insane. Whilst I am not a fan of the switching shots mid link, the backwards facing pedalling time machine rideout is incredible! Hit rewind, watch this!

At 1:27 the xft time machine pivot to pedalling ice cream is so delicate of a switch and Kia makes this look easy, style for days. And much like the first line the ending going back to xft time machine pivot to backwards facing straddling time machine walkover decade to pedal is absolutely off the chart!

Learn the name, this shredder has a massive future.