Dane Beardsley wins Trans Jam Stop 3!

Like I already said, so many events this past weekend it’s hard to keep up! Congratulations to DK’s Dane Beardsley taking the win at stop 3 of the Trans jam series in Raleigh, North Carolina. And I am also guessing leading the way in the series. Hopefully video footage soon.

1 Dane Beardsley
2 James McGraw
3 Isaiah Jordan
4 Luis Dos Santos
5 Bryan Huffman
6 Keith King

1 Lee Mejia
2 Mark Coates
3 Steven Tubiolo
4 Fabio Moreno
5 Kevin Washington

1 Kyle Hogue
2 Jay Morrison
3 Hannah Roberts
4 Pryce Hovey
5 Eddie Rovi
6 Jackson Hamelin