9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Alex Jumelin 2004

    • Watching this reminded me of a trick I wonder anyone has messed with, xfted in front of bars whips, Pete Olsen? I know Martti was talking about them last year.

  1. Different, but JF’s Christ-Cross whip (I think that’s what he called it) sounds similar; it’s cross footed, but he’s straddling the bars. Super bad-ass!

    • Yeah similar idea, that was like tea kettle whip if I think I’m talking about same thing, this would be both feet over bars. Just made me think of it. Dope!

  2. Yeah, I’ve messed with cross footed whiplashes in front of bars a bit and definitely thought a lot about them. Like Matthieu said there isn’t a ton of space. Whipping into the cross footed wheelchair position (holding the bars) is the doable part, but the second half of the step over is the really tricky part because your back leg gets caught up stepping out. If that makes sense?

    I’m sure it’ll get done by someone at some point. It’s a good cross footed trick, but it’s a bit scary since you get caught up in positions that are not always easy to bail out of. Anyway, Dylan Worsley did the pinky squeak version of it in the first Loiter so it’d be cool to see the rolling version of it.

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