Hiroya Morisaki wins G-Shock Real Toughness in Nagoya!

Photo: G-Shock twitter. @GSHOCK_OFFICIAL

We featured the news of the G-Shock Real Toughness events getting ready to get started a while ago. The first round just went down in Nagoya, japan. With AresBykes rider Hiroya Morisaki taking the top shot, the G-shock tour has really got a lot of riders motivated to bust hard and also help riders earn a living from Flatland. Props to Hiroya for the win, more of the results as we get them! Stay tuned!

New Fenix Bar!

Looks like the return of the “V” bar! Viki just posted up on his facebook page about an hour ago, what do you all think? In related news, keep an eye for a big Viki Gomez interview in the near future!

Bar specs:

Rise- 8.4″

Width- 28″

Back sweep- 10 deg.

Matti Rose Bikecheck!

Intro: Effraim.
Photos: Provided by Matti.

Many of you might not know the face behind DeepBMX, Autum Bikes and the new Bloody Shins Webstore. The guy that brought flatland back to the annual Masters/Worlds contest! That face is Matti Rose! Matti burst on the flatland scene around 1998/99 on a blue GT Show. Matti is perhaps best known riding wise for his signature backwards timemachine flip to upside down megaspin.
As always I try to cover a large spectrum of riders and styles to keep things fresh. Nowadays Matti is well overdue some coverage, peep his pimped out Autum ride right here! Thanks for all you do for flatland Matti!

Mattis straight 90s setup:

Frame: AUTUM “the Blitz”
Fork: AUTUM “Bent” fork
Handlebars: AUTUM “Escobar”
Barends: AUTUM;
Stem: Flybikes Suelo
Headset: deepBMX
Gyro: Odyssey GTX-R
Grips: Odyssey Gary Young
Griplocks: None. I am not afraid of that someone will steal my grips
Brakes: Dia Compe HombresBrake levers: Odyssey Monolevers
Tyres: Odyssey Frequency G 1.75″
Tubes: Yes
Pegs: AUTUM “Bamos” pegs
Seatpost: deepBMX
Seatclamp: Primo
Seat: deepBMX
Chain adjustor: AUTUM Blitz integrated
Chain: Yes
Cranks: Odyssey Flatware
Chainring: Odyssey Flatware
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Rims: Odyssey Hazard Lite
Front hub: G-Sport Marmoset
Freecoaster: KHE Geisha
Spokes: Yes …and they are black

Any modifications:
I put some air in the tires and some BLOODY SHINS stickers on my frame.

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride:
Some air in the tires…


Advice to beginners on bike set ups?
All this discussions about brakes or no brakes do not excist in Japan – and I have a lot of respect for Japan and Japanese ridersss… BMXALOT!

Matti killing it at the Flatland Fury contest in 2002!

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