Matthias Dandois’ Japan Trip Photo Gallery

KOG Bikes. Photo credit: Matthias Dandois.

Photo galleries are all the rage today! Peep this new photo gallery from Matthias’ recent japan trip! Hit it!

Create Your Own Atmosphere! – Joris Bretagnolles re-edit

CREATE YOUR OWN ATMOSPHERE//JOS.B re-edited video from Valentin Flad on Vimeo.

Enjoy this re-edit by Valentin Flad of Joris’ KHE Bikes edit we posted about two months ago. Link to the original below:

Wouter Van Der Linde BMX Worlds Photo Gallery!

Seppl, X hand McCircle. Photo credit: Wouter Van Der Linde.

Some really nice photos from the BMX Worlds 2012 on Wouter’s website, thanks for sending this in! Hit the link yo!

More from the Saga no run Contest!

Keisuke Tanigawa goes off in this new edit from the Saga no run contest!

Collin Van Assendelft van Wijck – Hard work pays off!

Two days trying halfpacker jugglers, Collin nails it! This is awesome! Really enjoyed how this builds up…

Old School Haro Freestyle Show – BMX Worlds 2012

Ron Wilkerson, Dennis McCoy, Dave Nourie, Brian Blyther, Mike Dominguez put on one hell of a show for the BMX Worlds crowd!

AMFLT 2012 Anarchy In Anderson Hype

Tight AMFLT 2012 Anarchy In Anderson Hype edit by Todd Carter!

OSG13 – Offline Sport Games – Flatland contest Teaser!

OSG13 – Offline Sport Games – Flatland contest! from OGBS on Vimeo.

David Nagy kills it! Awesome teaser edit by OG Marton! This looks like one of the best events of the summer!

Keisuke Tanigawa wins Saga no run Contest!

Keisuke Tanigawa won the Saga-no-run contest took place yesterday in Saga pref. Japan. Congrats Keisuke! Peep the edit above, awesome vibes in Saga!

Saganishiki (pro) class
1st Keisuke Tanigawa
2nd Yuji “ROBO” Ishii
3rd Seiichi Fujii

Blackmontblanc (middle) class
1st Naoppe
2nd Kanzaki
3rd Gajirou

Marubouro (novice) class
1st Kouta Fukuhara
2nd Yuki Shinkawa
3rd Yuta Tsuruta


Flatland Outside Bmx Worlds 2012

Great edit by Lisias Tabarelli. Featuring Mizo, Bruno Zebu, Thiago baby, Francisco Pekeno, Lisias Tabarelli, Dez Maarsen, George Manos, David Hoffmann, Bo Wade, Michael Van der Kroft, Toon, Chutchalerm, Alex Jumelin and Dominik Nekolny! Well worth a watch!