Aloha Jam 2015 – The Magic Island Part 1

ALOHA JAM 2015 – THE MAGIC ISLAND [Part 1] from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

Aloha Jam BMX holiday is more than just a jam. It’s an adventure! Join a crew of international riders as they take over a mansion on the island and explore paradise. This is part one of a video trilogy so stay tuned for part two, “Valley of the Temple.”

The 3rd Aloha Jam is June 24-26, 2016. We have rented out a flatland beach house again.
Booking information and Jam details are at
Instagram: @bmxalohajam

3 thoughts on “Aloha Jam 2015 – The Magic Island Part 1

  1. Thanks for the RAD edit Mr .DEATH DROP aka Bobby !!!! Lalos original/riding flavor , Quetins half-bar to X-LEG sidepacker , THE DUKES gerator varials , Lindseys DOPE rolling lines , WHATS UP Mr.Bode ???!!!! , Adams pumping/spinning half hiker lines mid combo ,etc , etc , plus anyone/everyone involved in this project/jam/event makes this a KILLER watch , feels like the viewer is there feeling the vibe/harmony !!! DIVERSIONS !!! W O R L D W I D E !!!!!!!

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