Battle in the Rockies / Dez Maarsen wins Pre jam – Day 4

Battle in Rockies Dez from James McGraw on Vimeo.

Yesterday for a lil’ bit of fun, James and Reklamation Bikes threw down $200 for a quick 1 minute contest with all the riders in attendance. The rider list was pretty heavy to say the least, James McGraw, Dez Maarsen, Dub, Jason Plourde, Thomas Noyer, Benjamin Hudson, Tyler Gilliard and Dominik Nekolny all rode, and myself and Todd Carter judged and picked one winner, which was Dez who literally just arrived maybe an hour and half before the event went down. It was amazing to see the atmosphere build as James announced the event and the riding level shot up a ton, hopefully there will be a full edit soon! As you can imagine, the McGraw household is packed with riders, one of those things that you don’t see. The vibe is similar to the Guru jam, good times ahead this weekend!

More and more riders are arriving by the hour, today the spot will be packed. Check back for updates!

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