Benjamin Hudson Far East Signature “El Camino” Frame


Congratulations to Benjamin Hudson who just been given the well deserved honour of a signature frame with Far East! Here is what Benjamin had to say about the frame and specs:

“So it’s been three awesome years with FarEast Cycles and now it’s time to release my signature frame, here’s a little description of the frame and specs.

“El Camino” is a frame designed to give space and freedom in the top tube part with a short back end so is still responsive and easy to manoeuvre making a good looking 20 inch frame feel like a shorter one.”



-top tube 20”
-head tube angle 73.5º
-chainstay: 12.4”
-seat tube height 7.4”
-china bb
-drop out 3/8

No word on a release date, but keep up to date via the FEC FB page:

13 thoughts on “Benjamin Hudson Far East Signature “El Camino” Frame

    • Something made only for the sake of making something different.
      One more “option” that will add to the mess when it comes to the BB on BMX.
      Video explaining that, at 2’20:

      • How is it a “mess” for anyone? FEC includes the bottom bracket with the frame, and its not hard to find replacement sealed bearings online as long as you have the specs…

        • “mess” is probably too strong word I agree.

          “as long as you have the specs”: that’s the beginning of the mess. Do you think everybody can easily measure and after found online the bearings for his broken bike?
          Existing standards are here to facilitate the work of everyone: makers, sellers and customers. The less there are standards, the best it is.
          I know the number of standards can evolve, but “it” has to be for good reasons, for everybody. Before that chinese BB, how many standards there are on BMX Freestyle? Four if I am not mistaken= US, Spanish, Mid and Euro/BSC. Is the BMX Freestyle world need one more? Again, what is the good reason of existence of that chinese BB? (and is it possible to get a version of these bearings able to get 22mm axle in there?)

        • “mess” is probably too strong word I agree. it’s about the situation where we are: there is already four BB standards on the BMX freestyle. Chinese BB is the 5th… with which advantage? the weight? how many grams there?

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