How-to Scuffless Stubble Duck Gerator by Raphael Chiquet

Who better to teach you how-to to scuffless stubble duck gerator than the man himself, Raphael Chiquet! I really enjoyed this how-to with a bunch of riders thrown into the mix to test Raphael’s method to learn the move and the way he broke this trick down was really helpful, well worth a watch!

Alex Jumelin – How To Fakie Boomerang

Catching up on updates after being in Barcelona for a couple of days for the UCI flatland judging seminar. It’s the Fise “Battle of Champions” in Saudi Arabia this weekend which begins shortly actually, and Alex Jumelin just did this nice how-to fake boomerang video with some great tips to help you learn this trick.

How To Improve Your Riding Instantly With Only One Action!

Lionel Cardoso is back with another awesome edit under his “Freestyle Tactics” label. In the last video, he interviewed Matthias Dandois and Matthias talked about documenting his riding to help him progress. In this episode, Lionel goes deeper into the subject and discusses various different techniques that can help you to progress your own level of riding very quickly. Awesome stuff!

How to Surfer? by Mik Penar

How to Surfer by Mik Penar… well not quite this would be a variation on the surfer. The surfer is performed with one foot on the bar and one on the seat stood up no hands and literally surfing. Dane Beardsley is pretty infamous for this move right now, using the Surfer on his instagram stories. Mid does give some great advice on this one, let’s see the real surfer next time Mik.