Dominik Nekolny qualifies first at 2013 BMX Worlds!

Pro Flat qualifying just went down here in the flatland tent at the BMX Worlds 2013. 14 Countries represented, with Dominik Nekolny taking the top spot, followed by Terry Adams and Matthias Dandois. Finals tomorrow, for now check out Dom’s winning ride.

1- Dominik Nekolny
2- Terry Adams
3- Matthias Dandois
4- Kevin Nikulski
5- James White
6- Bert Ribul
7- Dez Maarsen
8- Keelan Phillips
9- Waldemar Fatkin
10- Aleksi Ritsila
11- Adam Kun
12- Dustyn Alt

13- Markus Reich
14= Sebastian Pospischill
14= Chutchalerm Chaiwirotwit
16= Pakphum Possa-Art
17- Alexis Desolneux
18- Alberto Moya
19- Sebastian Grubinger
20= Kevin Jacob
20= Konstantin Chernov
22- Arnold Walter
23= Camillo Gutierrez
23= Laszlo Tivadar
25= James McGraw
25= David Hoffmann
27- Navid Saleki
28= Charles Paty
28= Thomas Deschenaux
30- Stephan Kornely
31- Sietse Van Berkel
32- Romain Dodelier
33= Andras Domany
33= Stephan Fabien
35- Jimmy Biondi
36= Gergely Szajer
36= Melvyn Masson
38- Mike Plas
39- Josh Briars
40= Omar Efraim Galindo Calderon
40= Fred Page
42- Brian Gavagan
43- Seonghoon Lie
44- Herve William

14 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny qualifies first at 2013 BMX Worlds!

  1. YES DOM! And congrats to Terry as well!

    Coincidentally, I predicted the top two spots in a tweet the other day. I have no doubt that they both have the ability to hold their spots tomorrow.

  2. Congrats to everyone else in finals too. I know Dustyn must be soooo excited to be able to sneak in to that last spot there, and it’s super inspiring to see old man James White in the top 5!

    Such an amazing array of riders in the top 12 spots; I’m so excited to tune in to the live stream tomorrow and watch and cheer for everyone.

  3. Awesome! Congrats Dom and Terry!! And huge props to James White… So stoked for you guys. Oh and top AMFLT vet class rider Yellow didn’t get last 😉 … Great job.

  4. Soooo much difficulty packed in to that last line, and for him to end it with an x ft whip is like the nail in the coffin!

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