Edmonton Mini Jam 2021

Cory Fester hosted a mini jam in Edmonton on the July long weekend. Riders from Vancouver and Saskatoon came out to reconnect now that COVID rules are loosening in Canada.

Riders in order of appearance: Francois Debroux, Joey Kyllo, Brandon Derbowka, Percy Marshall, Pete Olsen and Cory Fester.

Props to Joey Kyllo for putting this together, looks like a fun weekend.

6 thoughts on “Edmonton Mini Jam 2021

  1. Right on guys! Way to keep doing it! Maybe one day we’ll all ride together again like the sask berry jams and street justice. Just more riding and less partying since I got to stay outta trouble these days. Shout out from Winnipeg!

  2. Hey Brent! Awesome to see you still at it! We should all plan a jam in a central spot minus 95% of the drinking from years ago and more hardcore flatland! Sask or Edmonton would be good

  3. Hell yeah Joey! Fully agree. I’m not on social media, but I’m sure there’s a way to stay in touch. My phone number never changes. Take care, and glad to see you see fully recovered from the leg break. That looked brutal. Ripper!

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