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    • Don’t be so rude 🙂
      actually you can say the same thing if you compare the 90’s with the 00’s and the 10’s to the 00′,
      Are you sure there are more variety on the riding seen on that 2002 video comparing to a japanese jam video or a big european contest? Or, had you already forgotten the amazing Master Of Creativity contest last year?

      you can still find a big variety among many many “pro level” riders nowadays:
      thinking about guys like below:
      Viky Gomes
      Matthias Dandois
      Dominik Nekolny
      Alex Jumelin
      Sebastien Grubinger
      Georges Manos
      Thomas Noyer
      Benjamin Hudson
      Mateus Beckmann
      Joris Bretagnolles
      Quention Pelorson
      Austin Luberda

      all these guys have a distinctive style and bring something new to the table (tricks, links or style)

      I could add many many names to that list, and you too I am sure! 🙂

      Regarding Flatland, actually it’s almost everyday that is a great time! specially with the internet!

      • I think you are just looking for an argument or a place to deliver your opinion.

        Just before I start, I’m not just an old person who misses the past. I didn’t start riding flatland until 2003, so I’m definitely new school. I’ve got a task for you:

        Why don’t you ask some of the riders in your list – like Raphael, Alex, Martti or Viki – if they think there was more variety in 2002? In 2002 they had more variety in there own riding. Riding is much more specific now and there are less top level riders and there is lower diversity of deep styles. There are less riders.

        If you ask them, they’ll most likely tell you that there was less variety too – because there was. Anyone who really looks will see that. 2002 was a time when there wasn’t one or two cool styles. It was right before the period when everyone went brakeless and people just did steamrollers.

        Back then you had to be original to get noticed, get sponsored and make money. Contest runs were longer, the standard was higher, he stakes were higher, video parts meant something.

        Right now you just have to directly impress people online who have no idea about flatland. Now it’s all about how many people like it, not who likes it. You don’t need skills for that – let alone originality or your own style.

        Anyone want to argue? If you do, it’s because you’re wrong, so don’t bother. Get out there and lay down a few hours on your bike, I already have today, and I didn’t film it, or tell people about it… until now. . . @lissome Follow me for more salt in your wounds!

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