Hiroki “TangMeng” Iwata – on this Point

Great camerawork, editing and attention to detail in this new edit from Hiroki “TangMeng” Iwata! The x-handed pivot line at 00:38 is so good! Make sure you don’t miss this one!

6 thoughts on “Hiroki “TangMeng” Iwata – on this Point

  1. Whoever did the camera work, you`re a genious!!! It is one of the most beautiful and clean pictures I`ve seen to date in a flatland video!!! Well done, and his riding is obviously amazing too..those x-hand moves are so sick, I love it. The real flatland!!

  2. @ 2.12 minutes !!! Cross fire haul whip , ankle death -step over to pedal catch , can -can step down , BACK to cross fire haul , pumping turbine !! SO aggro , quick and cool . Love this edit , such a style cat ! Feeble grinds , pop up to hang fives , too…….Im SOOOOLD ! This edit is ALWAYS a good RE- watch……….

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