5 thoughts on “Jeremy Brosset – Quest BMX Video Contest

  1. When you see someone about to sesh …………….WITHOUT BACK PEGS …………..you should know ………..some HAMMERS are about to be DROPPED !!! SWITCH and REGULAR PEDAL fives , in AND out of lashes , BOOMERANGED to CROSS right SEATLESS/PUMPING steams , that freakin PEDAL manual/turbine to DECADE , LOVED that , the PEDAL five jumped to hang five , DOWNSIDE lashes , etc , KILLING EDIT !!!!!!

  2. The SWITCH PEDAL five bike flip to switch hand steam , the HALF BAR/LASH exit , FLAAAAAAAVVVVVOOOOOORRRRR !!!!!!!!!!! the lashes DIRECTLY to SWITCH PEDAL fives , really SICK direction where you’ve taken your riding !!!!!!!

  3. JEREMY ,you should put more PETROLEUM on this QUEST BMX VIDEO BATTLE !!!!!!! QUEST BMX is gonna have to call the BMX FLATLAND AMBASSADOR aka SCOTT O BRIEN to come and contain this INFERNO OF A VIDEO COMP , hes a FIREMAN you know !!!!!!!!

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