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Intro: Effraim.
Photos: Mike Gambill.

Since the awards went down in December, I have been thinking of a way to have some exclusive content on the site with a fast turn around. For anyone that does not know, interviews are a long drawn out process. I started digging through some old ‘zines I made, and randomly I came across a “Last Times” feature, quick answers, easy to digest. Ideal, I turned a few pages and there was an interview I did with Andrew Arroyo, and Gabe Weed! Easily over 20 years ago, Gabe might not even remember it. Gabe and Andrew were two of my favourite riders growing up, so I’m getting this feature started again with the man himself Gabe Weed.
Enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments section, thanks!


Last time you sold a bike part:
20 minutes ago! Owning a bike shop/online made that one easy.

Last time you rode at the Huntington Beach parking lot:
Today. Pretty much the only spot I ride these days.

Last time you rode with Woody Itson:
Oh man.. Maybe never! Unless he did some tricks on someone elses bike at a show 15 years ago.
I cannot recall riding with him with his own bike. But who knows with my memory

Last time you rode 5 days in a row:
Easy. Every week. I’m really consistent at riding 5-6 days a week. Usually Tuesday to Saturday. The big reason why I open the shop at 1:30.

Last time you saw Andrew Arroyo:
It has been way to long! 7 years or more. I do try and talk to him a few times a month over email or phone/text.
We are long over due to hang out

Last time you watched a Flatland DVD:
A DVD? whats that?! Not sure if it counts. But a few months ago I watched some parts of Hardcore Sick Flatland and Perry Mervar’s Bully video part on the internet..All good stuff!


Last time you did Ten whiplashes:
In a row?!! yikes. Probably 25 years ago down a steep hill in Walnut Creek.. I would be so stoked to learn 10 brakeless.. such a cool trick, time to get on that..

Last time you broke your bike:
I almost never break stuff anymore.. Usually I replace it before that happens.. A few months ago.. My pedal fell apart when the inside bolt came off.But that’s it..

Last time you saw Mutt:
About a year and a half ago at One Love Jam. I need to get Arroyo out to One Love Jam.. So I can see them both!

Last time you got a puncture:
In my tube or shin??. Tube a few weeks ago.. Shin.. too long to remember.. So thats good!

Last time you competed in a contest:
I think 2002! It would be so cool to enter one again. But dang it takes so much time to get dialed.
I don’t think I have the patience anymore.. I like to jump around too much when I’m riding. I’m into no pressure these days..
I miss having hard stuff dialed. But I know the time it takes.. I always have respect for guys that ride contests.

Last time you got injured:
A long time for anything that kept me off my bike for a while.
Just soreness and sometimes my foot gets bruised from riding a lot and take 2 days off. Super Minor.

Last time you downloaded music online:
About a month ago. I rarely ever get new music.


Last time you bought a record/CD:
Maybe the last time I did 10 whiplashes! We are talking 10 years plus for this answer..

Last time you rode with a walkman:
Back in the GT days we got some! So 1998 ish! 18 years!

Last time you got drunk:
years.. 2 or more.I used to like to go out and drink.. But it does not feel that good anymore. I guess I just cut it out more and more until my body doesn’t dig it anymore.
I have maybe 3 or 4 drinks a month and go months sometimes with not a drop of booze. I really could not handle a hangover right now.. I consistently like to challenge myself being healthy. Cutting out fried food, flour, sugar, booze etc.

Last time you screamed at a flatland edit:
mmmm. Not a big screamer out loud.. But I got pretty pumped on a street link Matthias did in San Diego recently.. bank to wall ride,180 off, g turn nose wheelie a curb, 180 roll back, halfcab whip to time machine.. I’m like this is progression of many skills put together.. so rad!

Last time you broke your phone:
years.. Since I started using these life proof cases.. My phone gets dropped all the time. not a scratch..Last year It fell out of my backpack riding away from the lot.. fine. I gladly pay $90 for these!

Last time you checked Flatmatters:
About a week ago. I’m not too good at following things. But For flatland.. I always go there to get my fill to see new crazy stuff.

Last time you filmed a new trick:
A few days ago. Almost daily I do a new link.. Since I ride alone a lot. It pushes me to work hard and pull something when I press record.
See answer below for more!



Last time you learnt a new trick:
A few days ago.. I don’t learn whole new tricks a lot. It’s more like different links if we want to separate them.
New ways to combine stuff I do pretty consistent and I like to get them on video fast. 2 reasons.. It pushes me to pull it and I just want to do it once and then move on
to something else.. If I really like it and want to do it more dialed.. I will try to make time for it a few times a week.
Since I ride 2 hours or less a day. I need to work on things that I get satisfied fast. So not a lot of super difficult new stuff goes down.

Last time you re gripped your pegs:
I ride knurled pegs.. So this work be hard to do !

Last time you did a manual:
Every day I ride to the beach I do a little one.. And I do mean little.. Never could do a long one..Kind of sad

Last time you rode ramps:
I really like riding mini and wedges.. But going to skateparks just gets on the cutting block of my day. I like to ride flat and
then go to the shop. The only time I will ride ramps is maybe if I do a show when they are there.. Or a flatland jam at a skatepark.
So that was a few months ago at the Vans park. Did a few bank to wall rides

Last time you bunked off work to ride:
This happens once a year for the One Love Jam! thats it. I don’t work that Saturday. The main reason I open the shop up later is so I have the option to ride everyday.
I used to open at 12:30.. I would only get 40 mins or an hour before that.. So I changed it to 1:30.. That gives me a solid 2 hour option to ride or go to the gym.
Another reason is I want the shop to be successful.. And I don’t want to be known to be flakey and skip days.. But I am 5-10 mins late a lot.. Just hard to stop riding some days because I want to
hit something new..

Last time you did a double decade:
Just the other day and also on October 10th for 10/10! But I have been working on a new double decade trick off and on for a few months now..
I’m not sure if its hard or I just get sore from it.. Bur I am using brakes.. So not sure why its taking so long!

Last time you went back to Nor Cal:
About 3 years ago.. Way to long. I am due for a trip back.

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5 thoughts on “Last Times with Gabe Weed

  1. Nice read!
    These “Last Times” articles are very cool!
    We can already read the ones you made in 2010-2011, your site might propose them below on the “related” part. Still cool to this day!

  2. Guy is awesome, and so is his shop. Had to cancel an order one time, the fault of UPS, not his, and he was amazingly understanding. Get the feeling he work like he rides, controlled, precise and joyful! World in general needs more heads likes this, in and out of bmx!

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