11 thoughts on “Lincoln Harberger – Flatland BMX 2013

  1. Yes! Amazing riding and style from Lincoln like always!

    Trick for trick, I don’t think anyone he competes with has this much difficulty in their riding, and I’m always excited to see him at contests.

    Great edit, Lincoln!

  2. Lincoln grew up as a grommet in York riding with Kevin, Leif and Dylan among others. He and Micah saw what good riding is and they both spent the time and developed their own styles. About as good a success story in flatland as it can get.

  3. Lincoln is a fun dude to ride with. He is certainly innovative. His Flatland jams each year are always the best. Always welcoming new riders young and old to come ride. Keep it up Lincoln. You are the man!

  4. Lincoln has to be one of the most underrated expert riders out there. His originality is just plain sick!! Not looking forward to competing against him, but instead, partying it up afterwards!!

  5. Thanks for the support guys!
    Prasheel,Shaun – thanks a lot!! See you next week at GuruJam?
    Brett, you guys were some ball bustin, crazy bitz’n rad dude role models and we were two lucky little groms.
    Thanks for putting this edit together Rob (Rollback) and Effraim for posting it!

  6. Great job Lincoln, love to watch you ride. The element of surprise is a powerful thing, I never know quite what is coming next. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

  7. Really enjoyed the edit Lincoln! Unfortunately for me I won’t be at Guru, but all this Guru talk is certainly making me wish I was going to be there..

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