Mark Kuhlmann – King of Concrete Hype

Mark Kuhlmann arrived yesterday from Ontario, Canada for the King of Concrete competition this weekend at Southsea Skatepark. Mark was kind enough to drop an xft halfpacker combo he’s been working on for the contest for a lil’ King of Concrete hype. Mark is looking dialled, hitting all his contest combos numerous times last night.
Joe Cicman arrives today from Ohio, USA. I have a few things planned with all those riders in town, so stay tuned. Flatmatters!

6 thoughts on “Mark Kuhlmann – King of Concrete Hype

  1. I can’t wait for my boy Mark to meet the legendary Cunners.

    Also, I can’t even predict the level of banter that goes down between Joe and Cunners this weekend.

  2. prasheel following last year and excessive bantering on all levels I can confirm my banter addiction is out of control and therefore and forthwith I have had to quit, piss taking however I could never give up

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