Matthias Dandois – Fise 2013 I Ride Of The Week

Nice edit from Extreme, featuring Matthias Dandois, practice footage, and prelims footage, look at the size of that crowd! Just amazing! Digging the split screen/go pro shots as Matthias jumps steam to teakettle around 00:28.

9 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois – Fise 2013 I Ride Of The Week

  1. Can someone please come up with a better way to exit that no handed spinning xfoot crack without laying the bike on its side? The bike laydown drives me nuts. I personally don’t consider that pulled. Any ideas?

  2. drives me nuts too! laying the bike down imo means the trick is not pulled, even if its a f##king hard trick its still not pulled.

  3. So sick! great vibe to the edit! loved it!

    srj, Martti Kuoppa did the x-ft crackpacker without dropping the bike.

  4. that’s why its called flatland. you can do what ever you want. even other people will love it or not. and also he can do it without laying the bike down. maybe its just the vibe of the contest why he does that. maybe for contest sake. hehehe

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