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Done Deal from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

On September 5th 2014, I published Benjamin Hudson’s amazing Welcome to Far East Cycles part, which announced him to the flatland world. Over the last four years we have all watched Benjamin grow into one of the most stylish flatlanders on the planet and in terms of being light footed on the bike I don’t think anyone else comes close.
From 2014 to 2018, Benjamin Hudson spent some time in Budapest, Hungary working on this “Done Deal” edit with the equally talented Tom @ Sevisual. The style of Tom’s filming, editing, music choice compliment Benjamin’s riding perfectly, like all Must Watch edits I like to highlight my favourite parts and talk in some detail about what’s going on.

1:09: Direct jump from regular riding position to inside craving x-ft steam xft Karl position not touching seat x-ft fire turbine bar scoot to full bar bunnyhop exit! Absolutely perfect execution.

1:27: Direct jump from regular riding position to McCircle turbine foot jam body varial to two footed front yard shove it two footed x-fted front yard pivot to inside Karl position jump to pedals out, so much steeze. I keep thinking back to his breakout video as mentioned above, and the layers that are now apparent in his riding to be at this level right now.

2:07: The longest line of the video, and the flow in this, the style, everything about this just brought a smile to my face. I wish I didn’t have to go to work today for 12 hours, E just wants to go and ride.

2:58: Saving the best till last, hands backward nose manual to fire hydrant turbines bar scoot fire turbine jump bar into tea kettle (never seen this switch before!) to x-ft pumping halfpacker pivot whiplash to jump lash x-ft inside steam into xft hang ten pivot crackpacker (no touching the seat in any of this by the way- think about that!) half whip to two footed front yard pivot xft steam (he’s still going!) foot jam jump pedals out!


Absolute instant classic with the collaboration of Benjamin “Benji Benji” Hudson and Tom at Sevisual, the last two Must Watch edits in my opinion some up modern day progressive flatland really well right now. Go watch this, drop Benji and Tom a comment and show some love. This is beautiful!

Benjamin’s breakout part:

12 thoughts on “Must Watch – Benjamin Hudson / Done Deal

  1. Damn ………SO good ! Caught this last night , STILL in awe . His signature style / the way he switches his tricks / pivots ……..WITH this much LIQUID flow combined , is pure eye candy ! Sevisual behind the camera , editing and music ……the EXTRA icing on such a sweet bmx flatland cake ! Agreed BIG E , I tagged so many people on my F.B. to let them see a stunning example of the art form ! Loving this edit.

  2. I love how he doesn’t hold the seat but holds the tyre at times and how he just holds the bars at times when it’s so hard to do so – like crackpackers.

    He’s really made holding the tyre his signature style now, and with that he puts the bike at some very attractive angles and puts an original twist on a lot of normal tricks.

    Ben’s come totally into his own style really early. I’m excited to see him continue to develop as a rider.

  3. This edit really highlights the professional level you have achieved in such a short time. Everything was on point – the ender is pure gold. love the jump lash stuff you add mid combo. R*E*S*P*E*C*T*

  4. I was waiting for this edit for a will, Benjamin stayed 1 week in my house for Urban Waves.
    He talked about to hit up with Tom (sevisual) to make a edit.
    Ben was practicing some new switches he wanted to do like the boomerang jump with 1vlegg over the bar to X ft …(3min8sec) and I was totally blown away. happy to see he puts it in this edit + he keept going on in this link…. banger after banger.
    His flow is like waves and the style is sooo unieke really like his riding, and as a person he is a great spirit with a lot of knowledge for a guy of only 22years old RESPECT.

    And @Effraim I remember when we grab something to eat after Urban Waves together with Ben, Dub, Sebastian and You where the nick name Benji Benji was invented such a great night 🙂

    Looking forward how flatland will evolves with riders like Benjamin Hudson aka Benji Benji.

  5. Been on the lookout for this one, and it sure didn’t disappoint! Absolute mindblowing tricks from Benjamin and beautiful filming and arrangement from Sevisual, much respect!

    Very curious to see Benjamin’s original riding and style develop even further.

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