Must Watch: Bruno Zebu / What 2019 brought to me

Bruno Zebu just put together this amazing highlights edit of his progression during 2019, and the technicality of what he’s doing is absolutely off the chart. Bruno is without a doubt one of my favourite riders currently, he deliberately cut this edit short so it’s easier on the eye and not as long. This edit took me a few watches to understand what was going on, so I will keep the description fairly short.


00:18: Spinning Switch Foot Hang Ten pivot to crackpacker pivot and jump to spinning circle k!

00:41: Bruno takes a trick that you normally see using the hand on bar whilst pivot and ups the difficulty and originality by choosing to take it off. Halfpacker pivot to opposite side two footed xft steam to xft hitch juggler. Mind blown!

1:28: Xft halfhiker pivot to halfpacker turbine pivot inside xft steam pivot steam, done at the blink of an eye.

The lines just keep coming, my mind is still a little blown watching this. Hopefully this year, we see a lot more of Bruno, one of the best flatlanders on the planet. Keep doing your thing Bruno!

12 thoughts on “Must Watch: Bruno Zebu / What 2019 brought to me

  1. He SLLLLAAAAAAAAAMMMED dat spinning , switch hand steam , blind / LEEEEAAAP over the frame ,to a IMMEDIATE turbined side packer , @ 1.56 !!! As ya proclaim Big -E ……DEFINITELY one of THE elites on earth , TIMES 7 . FURIOUSLY fast , aggro , technical , vicious , hammer FLOW stylz , just being fired out , all the way through ……..hell , bruv ……Id of been happy to watch EVERY combo, start to finish , links like THIS……..I wouldn’t care how long the edit was ! Haha , dope riding is dope riding ……..ya really roughed up some pavement , with those SUPERB lines , Bruno ! More footage of ya will be GREATLY appreciated ! Your combos from 6 YEARS ago are STILL too rad , on your YouTube channel , cabrone !

    • Thats right cabrone,his youtube channel is something i visit almost daily and even videos of him from 10 years ago are crazy on level of difficulty to stand up and today!!Ive watched all of his videos.The only ”problem” here is that this edit is very short,i would prefer a 10 minutes edit of him working on his magic skills…

  2. The brazilian magician never stops!!This is serious flatland…x leg lunity and crazy hard switches,my type of riding in this winter!Amazing progression Bruno,keep it up like always.Rewind..

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