22 thoughts on “Must Watch! – Dez Maarsen in Japan – October 2013

  1. Wow….. That was extremely, extremely smooooth, dialed & STYLISH Riding from Dez! Some of those links, kept them going for what seemed like an eternity, just adding to them, over & over! Really great riding to watch, makes me want to ride!

    Wonder who will pick up Dez after the demise of ABadThing? Surely he deserves another sponsor putting out Edits like this!!

    • Couple of things to add here : 1) Theres no doubt Dez will get hooked up soon with riding like this! The question is what type of hook up will it be, will be just a frame hook up, or parts whatever, or a full blown deal where Dez can compete worldwide. I think he deserves the latter but things dont happen like that in flatland very often.
      2) It’s great that a rider of Viki’s level comments on the site regularly. Thanks Viki!

  2. That was amazing! Love the effortless flow and how slow and confident some of the tech switches are.

    Dez and a sponsor. Well it’s been an ongoing saga. He deserves it and more importantly, he really needs it to keep riding and travelling to events. If I was Dez I’d hold out for signature product though. He deserves a sig frame and bars. Might come next year, maybe this year. It’ll come though.

    Good work Dez! Now you just need to work on your ability to handle alcohol!!!

  3. Thank you everyone for the amazing comments! I’m gonna work hard on new video! Still have more stuff to share! And yes Viki is a boss! A true ambassador of flatland!

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