Must Watch – Joe Cicman / The Idea in Brief 2018

It seems like Joe Cicman was made for the Master of Creativity contest and when didn’t enter this year I was curious as to what he was up to riding wise. Today the wait is over and for his year-end edit, he teamed up with Jim McKay for something special. From the opening Jaffa rebates, how many does he do? 10-11? I was glued to the screen wondering what was next. My shinbones ached just watching that first clip, I’m always into riders that master their craft, and do the lines they do as best they can and Joe really put some effort into the details of his riding to make the lines have as much impact as they can.

00:57: The huff packer (I believe thats what it’s called) to halfpacker jump two footed backyard.

Aside from the riding, Jim McKay did a great job I feel communicating Joe’s personality throughout the edit, the two complimented each other really well.

2:06/2:35: The hitchhiker version of the Jaffa whip rebate, really inspiring to see Joe take his Jedi skills to another trick and in turn create something new particularly that second line where momentum is coming out of nowhere and 3:13 Jaffa whip death jump to two footed backyard, although not pulled. This almost adds to the hype!

And not a scuff in sight from Mr Scuffington Post himself, the critics gather round…

Fanks a lot for this Joe and Jim, you made a rainy Friday in Southsea so much better!

12 thoughts on “Must Watch – Joe Cicman / The Idea in Brief 2018

  1. Caught this yesterday morning…………..Bruuuuuv , as Effraim stated that FIRST line !!!!! Ive expressed to Joe many a time just how amazing I think Jaffa whips are , how much I could watch him just SLLLAAAAAMMM that move all day . To see him just breeze through THAT many……As if he were brushing his teeth , BONKERS , indeed ! Big -E read my mind , I was also wondering why Cicman didn’t participate in M.O.C. , boy do I see WHY ! He was CREATING in his Terra Dome spot ! Rad work to Jim / Joe on this super progressive , original bmx flatland gem of an edit , its pushed the art form WAAAAAAAY forward with all these NO handed rolling hammer links . Hell , man ……..Im doing ok …….Just to roll a NORMAL crack packer , haha. So to me THIS kind of combo sickness of Joes is f-kn amazing . MUST WATCH -times 7 , man ………..Not to mention Ive been really into Shia , his FREESTYLE rapping thats all over YouTube , especially the one on the Sway In The Morning Hip Hop show , couple years ago . I dig his vibe / acting . This was the icing on the Joe Cicman 2027 crazy combos cake , that is THIS edit ! Respect Jefe -Terra Doom ……Yup , I gotta watch this for the fifth time ……..Like……..NOW !!

  2. That LAST move…………W.T.F. ??!! Man , those NO handed double foot steam rebates , hikers , etc, etc……EVERY line rules……..This really has me STOKED , and a dope Bowie track ,also . This will be another edit I ll be recording on my flip phone , haha, to watch constantly ! M.O.C was made for riding like Joes . Yeah ……another contender for edit of the year for this site , MOST definitely !

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