Must Watch! – John Yull’s Master of Creativity Round 1 Entry

It was once again a real pleasure to be invited to judge the 2017 Master of Creativity online competition. And it is especially so when you see entries like this from John Yull! Every trick is a banger and an NBD, well deserved first place! Well done John, mind blown!

22 thoughts on “Must Watch! – John Yull’s Master of Creativity Round 1 Entry

  1. Check out the Canada Old/mid school Facegroup page for a pic of a one handed decade/walkover in 1986. The decade to barspins were also done by a few using locking levers. We had brakes and locking levers, he uses a foot jammed to brake the rear tire. Fantastic set of tricks! One day these will be done brakeless/rolling like DMC’s superfast rolling Decades (called the Rollaid). Glad to see some rear-tire old-school!

  2. No wonder John has been quiet on social media. He killed it.
    Along with Scott Powell’s edits it shows there is plenty still to do with the good ole decade. Jedi power to the max. great work John.

  3. When I do a footjam decade, I’m gripping the f*ck out of the bars to keep everything where they need to be for the landing. HOW THE HELL is he taking both hands off mid-decade??! Damn right first place for this madness…

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  5. Proud to have British genes from my Fathers side.John is just a superb person too.I knew something was up.He definately worked very hard and probably slammed more than we would like to know too.All riders get props for what they do,and how they express themselves.Dont compare,just enjoy and learn.

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