Must Watch – Kio Hayakawa / Welcome to Colony BMX

Much like Nick Watts, Kio Hayakawa is on fire! It really is hard to keep up with the instagram updates, his amazing full part on Landscapes 3 and now this amazing Welcome to Colony BMX part!

So many creative bangers in this one from the opening line with a switch foot ice cream pulled into switch foot forward g- roll jump to two footed backyard half turbine jump to pedals that begins at the 00:03 mark! So progressive!

The very next line Kio further develops the two footed backyard jump, now jumping out with the body varial to peg wheelie (00:36) back into an ice cream line. This kid is pushing things hard right now!

The fourth and last line play with a. similar concept, pivot into two footed pedal ice cream ucchie flip to mega spin pivot ice cream pivot blender walk round out! Wow, Kio puts himself right up with fellow Japanese shredders, Yoehi Uchino, the Katagiri brothers and like the Katagiri brothers, so young and the future is so bright. Great pick from Colony to join the team, will he conquer the international contest circuit, only time will tell….

17 thoughts on “Must Watch – Kio Hayakawa / Welcome to Colony BMX

  1. just watched this and i’m like WTF. so much to take in – skill level WAY above what I could even dream of. gonna watch this so many times. lookin forward to the rad comment Rodney is gonna drop on this too.

  2. If Kio’s this good, make that HE IS GREAT, we can only guess how many, at or around his age are, or will be like. It almost makes me feel totally inferior to this guy. Can’t wait to see more!!!.

  3. After watching this 3 times now, to me it’s got classic all over it. It’s along the lines of the great edits, that are timeless,but from a rider that’s much younger, which makes it even more special. You’re truly a great rider Kio, and l believe this sort of riding shows you can only get better, you can really see it. I sound like a judge on a talent show, haha! Thanks again Effraim, l thought wow & like Lachlan said, what just happened. These great edits are uplifting and just make you want to ride.

  4. I may be alone on this but I’ve never been a fan of indoor edits… Please Kio take these skills to a neat flat street corner or park somewhere! So much flow, incredible.

  5. Took me a few days to get my speech back after this edit, just remember all, The path has already been paved for many to take advantage of, this is a prime example.
    Coming from 80’s bmx riding to now is a collaboration of every rider who put it out there that gave birth to new tricks, well done everyone, this is your rewards.

  6. You know me well , Shane , haha……..Ive been taking this edit in for a WEEK ………..when he cruised that Ucchie PEDALS ice cream , MID-LINE………bike flipped , THEN caught to a ROCKET turbine………NOT an exit , but a friggin ROCKET turbine …….I seriously BUGGED OUT @ my bus stop , haha. To me THAT move is great AND hard enough , just to be done by itself !!!! Doing it MID-LINE , as if its a NORMAL transition within the link …BRUUUUUUUUUUV……..Eugene Collins was SO right about bmx flatland ALWAYS being @ the beginning , because of its INFINITE nature . Kio is a testament to that statement Eugene said back in August of 2002 . Total next level stuff here ! Im with ya , Tristan……..I feel WHACK as …..after watching this edit , haha , BUT its also VERY motivating at the SAME time . Helps with personal progression on your own bike , and DAMN …..those BACKWARDS facing apple crates outta his blenders , SICK !!! His rope spin – SWITCH-Bs to double foot back yard rolls , etc ,etc !!! His friggin FULL OUT- body varial LEEEEAAAAAP to PEDALS ,via double foot back yard roll …TOO , TOO ill , to say the least . Effraim is SPOT ON …….this dude is UP THERE with the other back wheel ELITE riders , TIMES 7 !!

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