Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – Welcome to 2014

It is fitting that the first Must watch edit of the year goes to Flatmatters editorial vote for Rider of the Year 2013! Mateus Beckmann continues where he left off, plenty of new whopper/decade variations – check 1:59 Rollback candybar stem decade anyone? Enjoy this incredible talent do his thing! Flatland is all the better for it!

8 thoughts on “Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – Welcome to 2014

  1. Can someone go film this kid with a legit camera? The riding is intense and progressive as all hell but the picture quality makes it hard to appreciate completely.

  2. Wow !! First edit watched for me in 2014 and I’m glad it was this. Congrats on the awards Mateus and thanks for the sick riding to start the year!

    I don’t disagree with Brian, watching edits with better quality pictures is always nice, but I’m always so pumped on edits from Mateus that I really don’t even care about the video quality. I’m just glad he is capturing this stuff for everyone to see! Seems to me like the vids are really just about the riding, and I can really appreciate that!

  3. The fact that a young Brazilian dude with no brakes looks up to and is inspired by Simon makes me really really happy. Simon is best and this kid is the next true OG. He’s so prolific, I can’t get over it! Outstanding!

    You know he’s going to do a rollade with both feet of the stem soon! Can’t wait for that. I’m imagining him doing a rollade with one foot on the stem at the back and the other foot candy bar on the front of the stem. I believed that so much more is possible everytime I click play.

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